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Dog walking and the pathetic fallacy

Yesterday it rained, heavily and unremittingly, and the dogs spent most of the day sitting glumly by the back door, just a bit too lazy to take themselves out for a run in the garden without human company. So this morning (cautious sunshine, warmer than it looked) they were overjoyed to hear the glad tinkle of leads: so overjoyed they almost knocked me over on the way out. 

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What do writers do all day?

When I was growing up, my father used to say that deciding what you were going to do with your life was difficult, because it was very hard to tell from the outside what a particular job would be like, day to day. Things which looked fun – like being an air hostess – often weren’t. I was a bit bemused by that, because I’d never thought being an air hostess would be fun, but in any case I knew what he really wanted me to be was prime minister, and we both agreed that that would be fun. All through primary school I was going to be the country’s first female prime minister, but when I was fourteen Maggie Thatcher beat me to it, and I had to think again.

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On music

Music as wallpaper is something my children take for granted. In the car or the train, on a walk or writing an essay, they have earphones firmly in place and a discernible bass line emanating from them.

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On location

When you arrive in France, one of the first words you see is ‘location’. It seems rather delightfully apt – a reminder that you’ve arrived somewhere more exciting than home – until you realise it means something different in French. Hire. Location de voiture, for example: car hire.

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New-look website for a new book!

‘The Things You Do For Love’ is being launched in a month’s time, and my new-look website goes live today in readiness. Check back here for news, events and other information about ‘The Things You Do For Love’ as publication day gets closer. Meanwhile, you can preorder the book at Amazon, Waterstone’s, Wordery, Hive – and in any good bookshop! 

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